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Karen works from home and she needed a storage solution for her home office. Using two nightstands stuck together was a temporary solution. After scouring the internet she came to the conclusion that the type of furniture she was searching for was not available.

Her home office needed to be functional without compromising style. She needed space for office supplies and a place to file documents for easy storage and retrieval. She also needed a home for her all-in-one fax, printer, scanner and copy machine. She wanted this machine out of the way but also accessible when needed. Having this super machine on top of the cabinet was not an option.

The solution was a custom credenza built to meet her exact needs. Two-thirds of the credenza are drawers. It has two shallow drawers near the top for storing office supplies and two deep drawers at the bottom that would accommodate hanging file folders. No metal filing cabinet for this home office.

The remaining third of the credenza is for the all-in-one printer machine. It has a pull-out drawer that allows full access when needed and when it’s not used, the drawer slides back in to keep the printer safe in its cozy home. Beneath the printer is an open shelf for storing printer suppliers.

The credenza is finished in beautiful white paint. Bun's feet provide just the right elevation above the floor. The four inset drawers are mounted on soft-touch slides for smooth operation and the drawer fronts have polished chrome drawer pulls that give the credenza a contemporary feel.

She could not be happier with her new home office.


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