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Brad, my neighbor, wanted to surprise his wife Megan with a special Christmas gift. Over the years, Megan had gathered quite a collection of jewelry pieces, which she kept stored in a simple cigar box.

Realizing that Megan needed a more attractive and functional storage solution, Brad set out to find something suitable. Megan herself came across an intriguing item on Amazon—a wooden cabinet with a mirrored door. Opening the door revealed shelves, drawers, and numerous hooks to hang jewelry.

Taking inspiration from the Amazon product, I decided to construct a sturdy walnut cabinet for them, tailored to their specific requirements. This cabinet not only helps organize Megan's jewelry but also provides protection against damage. Now, necklaces can hang gracefully from hooks, and Megan can easily survey all her jewelry pieces with a single glance.

When Megan received the cabinet, she was absolutely thrilled and wasted no time filling it up with her beloved jewelry collection.


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