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I grew up watching my dad make all sorts of things out of wood. He was a talented craftsman and I loved spending time in his workshop watching him work. I learned a lot from him and I'm so grateful for the skills he passed down to me.

One of my favorite memories of my dad is when we worked together to fix up my first vehicle. It was before I even had my driver's license in the early 1980s. Good thing because it took two years to finish.

My first vehicle was a 1966 Chevrolet Stepside pickup truck that needed a LOT of work, but we were determined to get it running and looking better than ever.

We replaced the bent and rusted front and rear bumpers with thick pine wood beams. We replaced the badly dented and rotted-through step-side pickup bed with a new wood plank flatbed we designed on the fly. My Dad did not draw up plans, he thought of it and made it a reality. We even made a custom wood center console to fit between the bucket seats that were fastened to wood risers so that the seats were at the proper height. I nicknamed it the "Termite Delight Delivery Truck” because it had so much wood incorporated into it.

My dad was always so patient and encouraging when I was learning to work with wood. He never got frustrated with me, even when I made mistakes. He always told me that the most important thing was to have fun and to be creative.

My dad passed away a few years ago, but his legacy lives on in my furniture business. I love working with wood, and I'm so proud to be able to create beautiful pieces that people will enjoy for years to come.

One of my favorite things about making custom furniture is that I get to help people create spaces that reflect their unique personalities. I love hearing about the stories behind the pieces that I make, and I'm always happy to see my furniture being used and enjoyed. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to carry on my dad's legacy through my furniture business.

I know that my Dad would be proud of me, and I'm excited to continue his legacy by creating beautiful pieces of furniture that will bring joy to others.


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